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Vikash Thakur Indian illustrator

Vikash Thakur is Indian illustrator and graphic designer from Kolkata.  As of now he is working on his own start up along with his friends. Team Truncatus is all about design and creating the best of all worlds. In this project each of us specialize in our own respective field. Our areas work ranges from Illustrations, graphics design,  mo-graph, 3D, animation to Product visualization.

Vikash has been kind enough to do a little interview with us. Get to know him a little better.


Vikash Thakur

Could you please also tell us about your current job or interesting request from the client. Your background and main aim.

One of the most interesting request that I got was from the organizer of an art festival, where the client wanted the fusion of “Patachitra – Folk art from West Bengal” and “Memphis – A form of art that Originated in Italy”. We worked on that and the outcome was a treat for the eyes.

How did you come to specialise in digital? You are illustrator, graphic designer.

My journey started back in my college days and used to draw in my free time. I had no intentions of taking it up seriously at that time. I just loved drawing. After my graduation I took up 3D Vfx as a course of my study as the world of Vfx fascinated me a lot. During the starting phase of my course we had graphic design and it was then my mentor educated us about the importance of drawing in the field. Since then I stared doodling. I never had given any thought to illustrations. Later that year I saw some illustrations of a friend who was being mentored by my mentor Mr. Rahul Mukherjee. I was very much inspired by her work and decided to start illustration. I spoke to my mentor and he showed me the path to illustrations. Hence the journey began and here I am now.

Is there anyone you’d really like to interview? Who is your mentor or who inspired you. Maybe do you know any famous and popular web designers and you really want to work with them.

I would like to interview Steve Simpson, I am totally in love with his works. I would like to work with him some day. My inspiration and my mentor is Rahul Mukherjee.

We saw that you have Behance account How would you recommend a freelancer deals with requests and promote them? Can it be simplified?

I would recommend freelancers to up their communication skill, analyze the brief and consider every aspects of the project before accepting any offer.

What is going to change in the next ten years on the web?

In this fast paced world changes are evident. In the next 10 years the virtual world will take over the real world.

People are getting on board with responsive web design, but the number of different types and sizes of device continues to grow. How are we going to deal with this? 

As the number of devices, with different sizes continue to grow, the only thing that the designers can do is to resize their work as per the clients requirements.

Have you read any articles or blog posts recently that have particularly surprised or impressed you?

As I was busy with my recent project and I was travelling, so I did not have much time to read. I follow India 101 a lot and love their articles.

Is that easy to sell to a client?

Selling to a client is a really a difficult task, as every client has their own perception of art. The task becomes more difficult when there is a middleman involved between the artist and client.

Indian market is wide and how clients usually collaborate with you. Do you want to work with Indian clients or with European clients? Do you see a different views, claims etc.?

Clients contacts me through our website and my social media handles such as instagram, facebook, linkedin, behance etc. A client is a client to me, it doesn’t matter whether  they are Indian or European as far as the project interests me.

Can you take us through a day in your life?

My day starts with work and ends with work  .)

Are there any websites you look at every day?

The only thing I follow everyday is Instagram and go through works of different artists.

By the way, here is  Vikash’s account

What have you got coming up in the near future?

I have an exhibition coming up in collaboration with Art Family New Delhi  — 16 the following month to be held in Siliguri and  working on city illustration & Indian mythological stories of India.

Finally, who do you think is doing good things in the industry right now?

There are a lot of artist who are doing good things in the industry right now, to name a few I would say  Parbati Pillai, Chaya Prabhat and others.     

Thank you a lot, Vikash)) and good luck!

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