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LANGISTAN — joyful learning Hindi experience !

Dear folks,

We are so proud and happy to launch a new journey to Indian world. For our team the best opportunity to restart our mission is to tell you about education. While we are learning something new especially language it helps us come closer to the culture and people, thoughts and feel the background, mood, tone, intonations and many more.

This year our first publiсation is about a new revolutionary learning system that gives you joyful learning Hindi experience! We want to share with you this amazing online school, Langistan platform now! We strongly believe only with education and growing up, developing your personality, expansion frames, world can show you more. Start to feel this freedom with us and Langistan.

As usual we want to make your’s acquaintance with Anil Mahato. He is founder and very very interesting person with a big heart and enourmouse will power.


Anil is a small, village guy from Nepal, a southern Himalayan kingdom. He loves to travel and connect with people & their stories. He enjoys volunteering for a variety of social causes around India & Nepal. His goal is to share his knowledge in languages, mathematics, and cooking with the world.

Before Langistan, he had worked with one of India’s leading music companies as a data analyst & video content manager.

He is also a chai-holic positive and he calls himself a tea specialist?

And finally we are welcoming everyone to go deeper and read our interview.


How would you describe Hindi (as a language) and Langistan your online platform to someone who has not a chance to come to know it till now?


Hindi is 4th most spoken language in the world, primarily spoken in India and some countries where people having the root in India live. Hindi is written in the script named Devanagari देवनागरी, which is one of the most systematic ways of writing.


Roughly 750 million people speak Hindi partially or fully, counting in India & abroad either as their first or second or third language. The number of Hindi speakers is rising as Indians have been globalizing in last few decades rapidly and learning Hindi is also being more accessible than ever before.


Modern Hindi is more rich and diverse with more words & phrases coming from Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, English, compare to traditional Hindi which would bear words mainly from Sanskrit and few locally developed words. The skeleton of the language, the grammar comes from Sanskrit.


At Langistan, with my team, I am trying to make the learning Hindi experience joyful with a few years of teaching experience I have and my research on teaching and learning the languages.


The major struggle today Hindi learners are having are :

  • lack of contents with good research
  • lack of structured content,
  • lack of contents that engage you in your learning process


Langistan solves all these problems.

  1. We have huge self-learning materials over 1000 and counting comprising — interactive video tutorials, real-life conversation, quizzes, worksheets, mp3, reading live street signs, posters and many more.
  2. Our content is well structured, so you don’t need to find here and there what to learn and what not to learn when to learn what. We have set everything for you based on the frequency of words & grammar, keeping the game of 20-80 in mind. 20% of the words and grammar structures in Hindi repeat 80% of the time. So, you just follow our program and you will notice your progress within a few lessons.
  3. Our tutorials are very interactive and effective. You watch, listen and input your learning in our every self-learning materials. As you are involved you will remember more.
  4. All our videos and conversations are made in the 4L system which gives you instant clarity of grammar, the meaning of words and phrases and you will be able to recall and understand faster when you try to speak as we have loads of similar content.


What would be the future price for students?

Future price would be around 15$ per month, in yearly subscription. But right now special pre-launch price is only 99US$ for a year of subscription. So hurry and sign up now. Hahaha


Where does the name Langistan come from?

Langistan comes from two words — Language & Stan. The word “Language” you know already and “Stanـستان” comes from the Persian language, which means  — “place of” or “country”. We mixed both words to make it sound like a country of languages or place of languages, which exactly our mission to make Langistan a place of learning & sharing languages.


Why do you want to popularize Hindi around the world?

I think Hindi is already a very popular language & soon it’s coming in the main steam of learning languages too. But just learning Hindi was not popular among people and polyglots because of lack & inaccessibility of Hindi learning materials.


The Internet is helping me to make learning this language accessible with the huge content library —  well structured, well researched and fun learning contents.


I started teaching Hindi to help a friend volunteering in Rajasthan and made few videos teaching basic Hindi.  Just to host videos I used YouTube platform but videos got global attention. Later I realized being such a huge population speaking it, being the 4th most spoken language, having such huge demand globally for learning this language, being a door to learn ancient scriptures, Hindi learning is not accessible to 100s of thousand people.

So, I wanted to be the help all those people and soon I fell in love with language, people & their stories without realizing. Now I am very passionate about my love — helping people learn this language and connecting the dots of their stories.

You are from Nepal – are you planning to launch Nepali online classes or any other languages?

Oh yes, after Langistan Hindi, will work on the Nepali language and many other Indic languages.



By the way how many languages do you know?

Haha, I speak English, Hindi, Nepali, Maithili, very fluently and some Urdu, which is like Hindi sibling, then I understand Punjabi, Marwari, Bhojpuri, Marathi as I lived in those zones and have friends speaking around me. I had learned Sanskrit when I was in school but I forgot it with time.

I know few german phrases though :P.



Who are the teachers in your online school? Are they native speakers?

Grammar portions I am teaching mainly, for conversation parts we have other teachers too — Jashoda Rathod, Shivali Kackar and now I am soon collaborating with other teachers of Hindi from different language background.

This is Jashoda Rathore — Hindi teacher for Langistan



Shivali Kackar — Hindi teacher



So, do you have different Hindi levels in Langistan or this program is only for beginners?

When we launched it was only for beginners but now we have for intermediate and advanced level students as well.

Which fields do you cover? Do you have business Hindi direction or more informal direction etc?

Right now we have focused mainly on day to day spoken Hindi with proper grammar explained. But we are generating content on industry based as we have students demanding content from medical science, Bollywood, yoga & spirituality etc. There won’t be business Hindi ever existing I guess, as business class people mainly speak English or the Hinglish mix of Hindi & English.

If you had a book club, what would it be reading (Indian authors classic and modern)— and why?

Oh, I have many favorite ones. Can’t name one. I would be reading probably one book of Jiddu Krishnamurthy. He explains about life in a very clear way without any personal greed of him. He lived his life on donations, not like many gurus selling you their words or things touched by them.


Give us three «Good to Know» facts about you. Be creative.

Loving, compassionate & spiritual.


Tell us about your first job

My first job was of a loader for a logistics company. I had to pack the household materials, load it on the truck, move with the truck and unload them at client’s house. I used to get 250 INR (3.6 $) for a day, lucky if I get lunch as a tip.

Consider here your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies,

Apart from language,

I love to do adventure travel. Helping people as much as I can, doing volunteering. Cooking is my favorite thing to do when I am in my home.  I am always experimenting in the kitchen haha. I like to be near my friends, family, cook for them something cool something they have not tried before.


If I have more time, I like to stay alone, sleep, watch spiritual talks — Krishnamurthy, Osho, Sadguru.


I love making & talking with friends online or offline. Sipping tea from every corner of streets of the places I visit is my another love.


Also, in the coming years I want to work for the environment, so learning more environment-friendly sustainable lifestyle, learning more about plastic, air pollution and trash problem around India.


Your favorite ways to unwind — whatever comes to mind.

Please :

  • do more what you love doing.
  • appreciate more what you have .
  • behave more as you wish to be.

Feel The <3.


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