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Ombré lane, Indian brand

Shweta and Prachi built Ombré lane with a mission to create beautiful, versatile clothing for their fellow working women. It reflects their passion for alluring designs and prints, adaptability and belief, that every step towards making this world better. 

Ombré lane is an inspiration for every Indian woman! Today we have an exclusive interview with Shweta Sharma and this Brand for sure will change women’s sense of style.

Shweta told us a lot of interesting things about brand and told us her own story…


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How did you understand that fashion is your way? What is your background in fashion design?

My co-founder Prachi comes from a design background, having studies design at NIFT Delhi. She manages the creative aspects at our startup.



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Tell us about success. What does success mean for you as a designer/brand owner? What is your approach?

We plan to establish our brand as a go to destination for modern Indian women wanting to buy premium work clothing. We plan to scale significantly over the next one year while staying focused on building our brand.



What you can tell us about Indian fashion? What does the future hold for Indian Fashion?

With more women entering the workforce in India, western wear and workwear market is growing at a fast pace.

However, the Indian workwear fashion still struggles to push through the boundaries of acceptable formal clothing. Work clothing across the world has moved to comfortable clothing that flaunts one’s personality and femininity, while the working women of India were faced with lack of variety in work clothes, their only choice, the plain boring shirts that hide their personality and subdue their femininity.


We want to fill this gap and are driven to create softly feminine, fashion-forward, superior quality and versatile workwear that is just in line with the modern, sophisticated, and beautiful women in India.


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How do your roots and cultural background influence your projects/work?

Being a part of the Indian women workforce and the opportunity to see various cultures of the country, there were several aspects that required to be fulfilled. Versatility, as we discovered, is the requirement for the women of today. However, that didn’t mean compromising on the quality. Combining the two, we created garments that are tailored with handpicked durable and soft feel premium fabrics. We sourced our fabrics directly from top manufacturers and distributors across the country that supply to luxury brands and designers. We used machine washable and durable fabrics, keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of today’s woman. The prints, colours and textures of our fabrics celebrate the confidence, chicness and independence of Indian women.

Our designs and fits are made keeping the needs of Indian women in mind. We have tailored our garments by taking the versatility of body shapes and sizes for women in India into consideration, which remains a crucial element missing from the market. Our shirt collection is detailed with no gape buttons, darts, back yokes and curved hems for easy movement and better fit. Our dresses have functional pockets and are lined. While our workwear ensures functionality, it also includes feminine features like laces, pipings and bows to celebrate the element of today’s woman.


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How about your inspiration? From where and from what do you grab a «new breath»? What is your style in life, every girl has her  own sign. What is yours? And what style do you prefer as a professional?

We are inspired by today’s woman who balances multiple roles in her life such as a leader/professional, mother, wife, daughter, friend etc. We keep her lifestyle in mind when we design pieces for her.

I personally like work pieces that are feminine with beautiful prints, bows or ruffles. I really appreciate small details in the garments

What is your short term goal and what is your plan for expanding your Brand/Label?   How about your ambitious plans? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In the short term, we want to spread awareness about our brand and reach out to our customer via digital channels. In the longer term, we want to be an omni-channel brand fulfilling all the lifestyle requirements of working women.

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Tell us how you create the collection? Do you have any secrets, small tricks? Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?

Along with doing in-depth research on sizes and fits for Indian women, we also look at our customer’s lifestyle and needs holistically before we start working on the collection — what kind of job does she have, does she go out post work, does she have time to care for sensitive fabrics etc. This helps us come up with the best design and fabric for our collection.


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Which materials do you prefer? How you choose the fabrics?

We currently have cotton, linen, georgettes and silks in our collection. We use machine washable fabrics keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of our customer

Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place/city/country?

Yes, I love to travel. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities to visit — great food, architecture and people


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What is the most important thing for a designer? How many designers are in your team?


In my opinion the most important thing for a designer is to really understand your customer. Who is she? Where does she live? What does she do? One needs to really understand the lifestyle, needs, and challenges of your customer — you give her the best solution in terms of design, fit.

My co-founder Prachi manages the design and creative aspects at our startup



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By the way, Shweta got MBA from The Wharton School, and IIT Bombay

Interesting moment — 

 I come from a family of government employees. My dad was in a transferable job, so I got an opportunity to live in multiple cities while growing up. I was an extremely naughty and chatty toddler. When I was 1.5 years old, I threw our neighbors’ cat in the air because some other kids were scared of the cat. Though I became very quiet and sincere as I grew a bit older 🙂



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