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Rock N Shop is an exclusive market place that brings to India, a set of international designers and also has Indian Designers who have a global aesthetic appeal and takes them out of India and introduces them to an international audience.



«You must be the change you wish to see in the world» Mahatma Gandhi. 



Founded in 2015 by the fashion forward sisters Priya Sachdev and Charu Sachdev with offices in New Delhi, Rock N Shop showcases over 300 brands (and still growing) and is dedicated to supporting  new emerging brands from India to reach out to a highly affluent audience in India and Globally.

The brand has consciously worked to be an experience driven platform, which brings a specially curated set of Indian and International designers to the platform. Taking young talents like Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva, Hemant and Nandita, Vistata by Aditi Dhar among many others to the an International audience.

Hemant and Nandita, Rock N Shop
Hemant and Nandita, Rock N Shop
Hemant and Nandita, Rock N Shop

There are no boundaries with passion; everything is possible.

Rock N Shop is a global community of emerging and visionary fashion brands from India offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers globally. Their  community also consists of independent boutiques that have an offline or online store, omni-channel boutiques, independent brands and designers directly from around the globe. They are located everywhere from Paris, New York, London and Milan to Dubai and India, but united on one website.

When you order through Rock N Shop, your order is delivered directly from the brand to your door. Rock N Shop aims to bring premium to luxury emerging brands to the door step of every indulgent & aspirational consumer in India and globally.

We talked with the owner of Rock N Shop Priya Sachdev. There are no words in the English language worthy of describing a purpose of Rock N Shop — Globalisation . They are amazing and they have managed to get India designers’ name on lips and their clothes in foreign stores.

First of all we asked about her education and one interesting fact. We believe that this information helps to understand the background of our guest and interviewee.

Priya’s education: A double major in Mathematics and began my career as an Investment banker

Interesting fact —  I love to paint and loved all my art class projects

India is on the world’s fashion map — 

India has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion. Each state has its own identity and it all weaves into beautiful fabrics that tell a story. From beads, to ikats and saris (which have now become a global phenomon) is what India is made off. Our designers have used traditional asethetics and put them in the form of modern silhouttes so that they have a global appeal.

Now you can find designers like (Hemant and Nandita, Gauri Nainika, Atsu, and Rohit & Rahul Khanna also Nimish Shift and Platnoir) and others in top international stores worldwide – like (Harvey Nicols, Bergdorf Goodman, L Square) and many others. All that was unimaginable even few years ago.


«At the beginning of the ROCKNSHOP we wanted to put INDIA on the world’s fashion map, and we are happy to say that we achieved our goal»

Here,  highlights from our interview —

Tell us about your schedule. How you find time for family?

I wake up at 7 and do my yoga. Its followed by my daughter leaving for school and me leaving for work. Once I come back I unwind by playing the piano. Dinner time is strictly family time and no electronics are allowed!


Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place/city/country?

Yes, I love to travel and look forward to this. My holidays are the one time I get to unwind and break away from my everyday routine and be selfish about that! I love Munich, New York and Mediterranean Sea.


Who is your favorite Indian designers? Are they promoted by you?

Yes, we work with them and I love their styles- Hemant and Nandita, Gauri Nainika, Atsu, and Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

They have  managed to get Indian designers’ names on lips and their clothes in foreign stores.

What is the most important thing for a designer?

Designs should be timeless and designers need to understand the trends and create garments that are stylish and elegant. Something that can be worn world over is what takes precedence and makes for good style.


Bodice, Rock N shop


Do you work with indian/foreign designers/buyers? Provide their names, if possible.

Yes, we work with premium International Brands like  — ​ Alexander McQueen, Alice + Olivia, Bodice, Charlotte Olympia , Chloé , Chiara Ferragni, Céline , Diane Von Furstenberg , Delpozo, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent Paris, Victoria Beckham, etc.


How about your ambitious plans?               

Future plans? Maybe have my own brand. As a curator for Rock N Shop we curate designs and styles and bring them on board according to the current fashion and lifestyle trends. The idea is to keep this growing and getting more brands on board that share similar design sensbilities.

Rock N Shop is here to create a new lexicon of #luxurybyIndia.  











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