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As a global luxury lifestyle brand, Kukoon takes pride in its unique contemporary spirit of adventure & style. Incorporating the latest global fashion trends, our creations mesmerise and provoke in equal measure. Founded in 2014 by Sneha Mehta, Kukoon is a culmination of Sneha’s own global experience and keen sense of aesthetics. With its signature fabrics and designs, Kukoon is being embraced all across the world by the connoisseurs and the fashionistas alike. Each Kukoon garment is precisely crafted, hand finished, and made from the finest fabrics sourced from top global destinations. At Kukoon, we are committed to creating top-notch designs that transcend time and conventions.


We asked Sneha Mehta to tell us about her global luxury brand «Kukoon», we talked about Indian fashion, kids line and many more. We are so inspired and impressed of her collection, view and personal life style.

How did you understand that fashion is your way? What is your background in fashion design?

As a child I was always very fascintated with art and handicrafts. Growing up, I began to further appreciate Indian textiles and handloom fabrics like Ikats, Benarasi brocades and silks. I always knew that textiles and fabrics were my true calling and I just decided to follow my passion. As for my background in fashion, I have done a fashion business course from London College of Fashion

Tell us about success. What does success mean for you as a designer? What is your approach?

We at Kukoon believe in Organic growth and are extremely proud and overwhelmed by the steady growth of the brand. Our approach is very simple and straightforward we want to reach as many people as we can. We are extremely happy with the response we’ve been getting since the launch of the website and since the brand was introduced to the market.

How do your roots and cultural background influence your projects/work?

Growing up in Delhi, I have had the fortune of being exposed to different cultures within India. Every state almost in India is known for a different textile and it’s interesting to see the variety of textiles India has to offer. Starting from Ikats, to banarasi brocades, to zardozi.

I personally like to use delicate hand embroidery.

What you can tell us about Indian fashion? What does the future hold for Indian Fashion?

Indian fashion has made its mark internationally. Today, there are many international designers that take inspiration from Indian fabrics and motifs. India definitely has a bright future when it comes to fashion as many international brands are looking to collaboarte with Indian designers now.

How about your inspiration? From where and from what do you grab a «new breath»? What is your style in life, every girl has her own signature style. What is yours? And what style do you prefer as a professional?

I derive my inspirtation from daily life objects. Things people can relate to, simple things in life that make people happy. It’s very important that we create products people can relate to and see themselves wearing, but at the same time it’s important every garment we make has an X factor.

My personal style is classic and quirky. I like to blend of high street and high end fashion but when I am working I prefer to dress comfortably.


What is your short term goal and what is your plan for expanding your Brand/Label?

Our short term goal is to reach out to as many people as we can and so far we’ve been successful since the launch of our website, a lot more people have been able to access the products we have to offer.

Tell us how you create the collection? Do you have any secrets, small tricks?

I usually start with an inspiration and a theme and design process around it. There are no secrets, but the key is to fully indulge yourself in your passion with all your heart.

Which materials do you prefer? How you choose the fabrics?

We use only pure fabrics which are good for the skin. Fabrics pass the quality check, i.e, that are rich in texture and quality are the ones that pass the test.

What made you decide upon launching the children’s clothing line?

There is a huge demand for kids fashion these days. Parents love to dress their kids up in bright, quality clothing. kids are really the new fashionistas.


Tell us about your schedule. How do you incorporate time for family?

I always try to take time out for the things I love. I very deligent about my daily workout and no matter how busy I am I take time out for the gym. It’s very important to have a work life balance and I try to finish my work on time so that I can spend time with my family and friends. My weeknds are strictly for family.

Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place/city/country?

Yes, I love to travel. London is my favourite place so far. It also has a great fashion sense. I have a bias towards the city as I have lived and studied there.

What in your opinion is the most important thing for a designer?

To be successful at anything its very important to be passionate towards ones work.

Tell us something about yourself that people don’t know?

I have always had an eye for quirky things. Even as a kid, I used to pay great attention to artistic detail. I remember, whenever I would travel with my parents, I pick up little antique knick knacks and collect souveniers.

How about your future plans? (brand and yours)

We hope to take the brand to newer heights and are currently very happy with the pace of the growth. We will keep working towards it and ensure that our growth is steady, organic and continuously rising.




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