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Fashion Designer Ka Sha label focuses on design as a celebration and its ways to fit contrasts in harmony.

We spoke to Karishma  about the Indian fashion, her collection, materials, style, inspiration and many more.

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What you can tell us about Indian fashion? What does the future hold for Indian Fashion?

Indian Fashion is evolving. Like India and all the variety, she holds in terms of experiences, languages and flavors I find that quality resonating within the Indian Design space too. There is a such a large variety in the kind of aesthetics that the younger generation of designers are bringing to the table.

How did you understand that fashion is your way?

I was always fascinated by social sciences and other related subjects. For me Fashion is a mix of anthropology and history. It has always stood as a testimony of current affairs globally. This idea merged with that of making things really pushed me towards exploring fashion as a medium of self expression.

How about your inspiration? From where and from what do you grab a «new breath»?

People and their stories really inspire me. Travel is something that always refreshes my mind and helps drive me to experiment.

What is your style in life, every girl has her own sign. What is yours? And what style do you prefer as a professional?

Comfort is always key. I love to wear a statement piece of clothing or jewellery layered over a basic pair of denims or a dress.

Tell us about success. What does success mean for you as a designer? What is your approach?

My design language is a direct extension of who I am as a person. I believe that it is very difficult to stay firm in your beliefs and not sway for stereotypes. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another and so I think success is a very relative term. Its value and meaning keep changing with different contexts and time.

Which materials do you prefer? How you choose the fabrics?

I love working with up cycled materials as there is so much you can innovate with within that space. I choose fabrics based on comfort, season and durability.

Tell us how you create the collection? Do you have any secrets, small tricks?

I usually design while I am travelling or at night when there are no distractions! The whole day at the studio usually passes by with a lot of hands-on work and coordination. I like to write a small brief for myself to follow before I start the actually design process — references, imagery, sketching, sampling, toiling.


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