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What is Music … Exactly?


Our good friend Ahmed Gamal Aglan shares his thoughts.

“How could humanity enjoys it’s existence without art ?! I like good music, and every human being enjoys a good song, look at children ‘s joy , and how happily they move when they hear a good song … this is built in us.

I like listening to foreign songs, if they have a good melody, even if I don’t understand what is being said, to me, the singer’s voice is like an instrument, an instrument with emotions, I can know how the singer feels from his or her tone of voice.

A friend of mine sent me an Pakistani song, called (AFREEN AFREEN), I don’t know its meaning, but from the prescription in YOUTUBE , it was sung 20 years ago, and through COKE STUDIO, it was brought back to life , by its original male singer RAHAT FATEH, accompanied by a female singer MOMINA MUSTEHSAN, I played it, closed my eyes, and started receiving the music.

The song was relaxing, calm music, RAHAT FATEH ‘s voice was happy, a man in a good mood, probably it is a love song, this was a voice of a man in love, and enjoying it …probably!

MOMINA’s voice was breathy, soft and not so different from themajority of Indian or Pakistani female singers I have ever heard.

At the end of the song, RAHAT was playing with his voice, doing melodic sounds with his voice that was in harmony with the instruments, I am not sure if it was for showing off, or just done because of good mood.

I was thinking of watching the original song on YOUTUBE, searching for the meaning of its words, but I will not do that, I will just enjoy this foreign song the way I do usually…”


Enjoy your life and Celebrate it every day!

From Wikipedia we found very interesting information —

«Afreen Afreen»

English: Praise to her Creator! Praise to her Creator!) is a qawwali song written by Javed Akhtar and composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

By the way  — Qawwali (Nastaʿlīq: قوّالی) is a form of Sufi devotional music originted from South Asia. It is popular in the Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan, in many parts of India including Hyderabad and Delhi, and many parts of Bangladesh. It is part of a musical tradition that stretches back for more than 700 years. (c)




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