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Manika Nanda

Amazing and talanted Indian designer. Having styled some of the most prestigious fashion events in the country and worldwide, Manika Nanda launches her eponymous label.

Her signature line is an aesthetic potpourri of fashion apparels and key separates that break the monotonous fashion rules and infuse modern with the olden. Crisp tailoring of quality fabrics and flamboyant cuts along with exquisite detailing and fine embroidery brings alive the grandeur of timeless feminine chic.


How did you understand that fashion is your way?

Having a creative flair passed on to me from my mother and a bag full of books with doodles, the label Manika Nanda wasn’t what I was gearing in to start as I had enrolled myself to pursue Psychology Honours in a prestigious Delhi University college. Knowing my love for colours and doodling, my sister persuaded me to go for counselling at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and as luck would have it, I was admitted to the best design college in the country, with no preconceived ideas of the course and/ or what my future career path would be. Definitely yes, my years at NIFT turned out to be a formative step towards the inception of my neoclassical label Manika Nanda. I have always been in the radar for my sartorial clothing choices among my friends and peers, and I feel that somewhere I always knew that I had to create a label which would reflect my personal style, a way of dressing up and putting looks together that was just mine.


Tell us about success. What does success mean for you as a designer? What is your approach?

Success is the ability to do what you love to do EVERYDAY.
Having been able to create a signature style that people can easily identify Manika Nanda with is my biggest achievement I feel.


What you can tell us about Indian fashion? What does the future hold for Indian Fashion?

Indian fashion is evolving and making a strong global presence, we are headed towards fresher aesthetics shaped by a more global understanding of the world.


How about your inspiration? From where and from what do you grab a «new breath»? What is your style in life, every girl has her own sign. What is yours? And what style do you prefer as a professional?

The core of my inspiration is fueled by nature, travel, personal transformations, textiles and all things colourful. I feel the process of creating something out of nothing is my biggest motivation. Being a maverick and a wanderer, I never know how my final dress will eventually look like and like to go with the flow. I embrace the freedom to change courses along the way and that’s something that keeps me engrossed and excited at the same time for each and every design that I create.
My signature line is an aesthetic potpourri of fashion apparel and key separates that break the monotonous fashion rules and infuse modern with the olden. Crisp tailoring of quality fabric and flamboyant cut and exquisite detailing brings alive the grandeur of timeless feminine chic.
My personal style is eclectic. Purely dependent on my moods, it can vary from feminine and flirty to bohemian and sporty chic. However minimalism is a constant that I put together in every look for myself.


What is your short term goal and what is your plan for expanding the Lable Manika Nanda Brand?

It’s a dream to have my export house and with each passing day I am inching closer to realising my dream. At present my short term goal is to work on creating brand awareness and expanding its reach by gradually expanding to key multi brand stores across the country and globally, ensuring the brand is easily accessible to maximum number people.


Tell us how you create the collection? Do you have any secrets, small tricks?

Creating a collection is an unpredictable process, it’s something which is not bound by time for me. I do follow a design path where an idea stems from an inspiration or just a thought, followed by sketching, fabric sourcing and sampling. My designs are a reflection of how much love, labour and fun I have when I take a design concept forward. At times it’s just reintroducing my classic silhouettes with a twist.


Which materials do you prefer? How you choose the fabrics?

I am on a constant look out for fabrics which are unique, rich and provide an edge to my minimalist designs. My current favourite being cottons followed by the dual finish fabric that I have used in my Spring Summer collection; it has the desired stretch and grandeur for gowns.

It’s you who you can never let down, not anyone else. All your life you will compete only with yourself and strive to rise to your expectations of yourself. This is one thing which my very dear friend and mentor told me once and it has stayed with me since then. The other one being, during the toughest time just close your eyes and say “this too shall pass” and I strongly abide by it.


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